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The six-year Leiden Choirbooks project has finally been completed! The enthusiasm of Leiden City Council, the concert locations (some of the most beautiful churches in the country), the enthousiasm of the singers and volunteers, and the public who turned up in vast numbers to the concerts all helped to make this mega project a huge success. Read more at


The Egidius Kwartet gives tailor-made workshops
Jakob Obrecht, Josquin des Prez, Orlando di Lasso… Lovely music, but rather tricky to sing, they say. The singers of the Egidius Kwartet give workshops and masterclasses for choirs and ensembles who want to learn more about Renaissance music. They themselves are specialists in the area of polyphonic music and are well-known for their fresh, often rebellious ideas, they audience-friendly approach and communication skills. During the workshop, a choir will receive an explanation of the basic principles of Renaissance music using specific repertoire. Aspects of intonation, pronunciation, rhythm and proportions, notation and editions will be dealt with. A workshop always includes working in single voice groups. Masterclasses are designed for choirs and ensembles which have already built up a (small) repertoire of Renaissance music and want to test their performance skills.The choir performs excerpts from their repertoire and the members of the quartet offer constructive criticism and advice, including anecdotes and background information about the repertoire.

Workshop: € 1.500,- ex. 6% BTW, Masterclass (4 hours): € 800,- ex. 6% BTW.
>> download folder [pdf, 2,27Mb - sorry, Dutch only]


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